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Shannon Austin is a powerful transformational speaker, relationship coach, and personal/organizational development consultant, renowned for his dynamism and thought-provoking approach. With his comprehensive blend of life experience, high-level education, and expert training, Shannon guarantees to motivate, inspire, and bring transformation to every audience.


Harness the power of his engaging speaking style to elevate your event and stimulate positive change. As a leading figure in personal and organizational development, Shannon's services extend beyond speaking engagements, also encompassing relationship coaching and consultancy to promote overall growth and success. His reputation as a transformational speaker has been well-earned, with numerous testimonies to the transformative effect of his presentations and consultations.


Whether you're looking for a keynote speaker to electrify your conference or a relationship coach to bring harmony and improvement, trust Shannon Austin to deliver. Engage with him and witness the transformative effect of his motivational speeches, insightful coaching, and effective development consulting.


"Husband: Becoming The Husband She Needs And Wants" is a practical, solution-oriented guidebook for men striving to enhance their roles as husbands in today's changing world. This insightful resource offers readers an authentic perspective on everyday marital challenges and equips them with effective strategies to address these issues. Shannon's book, "Husband", encourages men to adopt a reflective approach, facilitating a deeper understanding of their roles and relationships. Offering a transformative, almost out-of-body experience, it empowers readers to recognize their real selves and initiate crucial changes when necessary.




Shannon Austin is a symbol of resilience and unwavering spirit, hailing from a challenging neighborhood. His early life taught him that personal growth is defined not by trials faced, but by the ability to overcome them.


Shannon's health journey includes a battle with major illnesses like congestive heart failure, lung and prostate cancer over five years. Despite numerous surgeries and rehabilitation, his determination and faith remained unshaken. His resolve, his unwavering belief in conquering health challenges, and his pursuit of a healthy life are what sets him apart.


Shannon's resilience extends beyond personal victories. His optimistic outlook serves as a beacon for others facing similar health challenges. He provides support, shares his experiences, and empathetically guides others on their own health journeys. His story stands as a ray of hope, showing that with belief and a positive mindset, no challenge is insurmountable.


In his spare time, Shannon indulges in wellness activities. He rejuvenates his spirit with nature walks and cycling, reinforcing his commitment to health. A passionate lifelong learner, he leverages every knowledge opportunity for self-reflection and growth.


Shannon Austin's journey epitomizes human resilience. His health battles have strengthened him, turning him into a beacon for others. His readiness to support others testifies to his compassionate nature, making his story a powerful testament to determination and positivity.

From the vibrant heart of Philadelphia, PA, Shannon Austin exemplifies the essence of a family-oriented leader. This selfless, caring individual has been shaped by his city's strong sense of community, cultivating a powerful drive to serve others. His commitment to his wife, Shirley Perry Austin, is a testament to this dedication. Their resilient bond, built over twenty-six years, offers hope and inspiration to other couples seeking joy in their shared journey.


Shannon's impactful presence as a father is evident in his active engagement with his sons, Julani and Kalif. His guidance and nurturing foster an environment where his children are inspired to strive for greatness. Outside of work, he prioritizes quality time with his family, treasuring shared laughter, culinary explorations, and the peace of home. These moments stitch together the fabric of their close-knit family life.


In those quiet pockets of life outside work, Shannon cherishes his time with family, whether they're embarking on new adventures, discovering culinary gems, echoing laughter through family gatherings, or simply basking in the tranquility of home. To Shannon, these are the threads that knit together the tapestry of a loving family.


Shannon Austin's life stands as an embodiment of devoted family life. His nurturing disposition, steadfast dedication, and focus on fostering a loving, supportive environment are the legacy he leaves for his loved ones. His life narrative clearly portrays how prioritizing family well-being and happiness helps to create a flourishing world for all.




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